Online Fitness Trainer: Get in shape with NPC bikini athlete Michelle Ponto

Online training programs designed specifically for women that combine clean eating, weight training, and cardio sessions. Each workout has been specially designed to help you firm up and reshape your body, lose weight and feel great.  


With 15 years of experience in health and fitness, I have helped women from all over the world and all ages reach their fitness goals by helping them change their habits and understand how their bodies work.   I'm the co-author of a men's fitness book called "Buff Dad" and am an active WBFF athlete and avid runner.  Fitness isn't just something I talk about, but it's a big part of how I live my life.

“It's never too late to change your fitness level.”

Competing in my first NPC bikini competition at the age of 42, I don't just tell my clients that age is not an excuse to give up on your body, but I'm living proof that you can look great in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.  This is why I've developed my intensive Shape-Up programs and my fitness and wellness retreats.

The programs combine clean eating, weight training, and cardio sessions that have been specially designed to help you firm up and reshape your body, lose weight and feel great.   And I'm going to help you do it in just a few weeks by being your online personal fitness consultant. Each week, I'll be there to help you stay motivated, push you to break your bad food and exercise habits and move you towards your fitness goals.


After getting my degree in fitness, I did what many fitness professions do. I worked as a personal trainer in a gym.  The money was good and the work wasn't bad, but I found most people never improved -- or only improved a little bit. They would do their sessions three times a week, but in reality, they weren't working towards a goal and except for the 3 personal training sessions, did not make health and fitness a true part of their life.  In the end, I gave up personal training as it wasn't fulfilling for me -- but I never gave up my own fitness goals and never stopped helping people reach their goals as a freelance fitness consultant.

After years of watching my clients, I've learned what works and what doesn't work when it comes to re-shaping your body, increasing your fitness level, and making health and fitness a permanent part of your life.  What I discovered is that most people need a "reason" to change their fitness lifestyle at that moment in their lives.  It could be a health related issue, a special event like a wedding or reunion, or it could be a fitness challenge they want to achieve such as running their first half marathon or competing in their first fitness competition.  

Once they have that specific reason, I know they are ready to take their fitness seriously.  I can then work with them to put together a plan to help them reach their fitness goal within a specified time period.  Each week I review how it's going and modify the plan based on how the person is feeling, their lifestyle, and how their body is responding. 

I also works with clients to overcome obstacles whether it's a fitness plateau, time constraints, or diet pitfalls. I see each client's situation as unique and it's this personalization that has helped my clients meet their goals -- and stay on the fitness track after their training weeks with me are over.