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The bitch is back – just for two weeks

It’s two weeks before the Tahoe Show and I’m pushing my body as hard as I can. I’m following my cardio plan and doing every single minute of it — even though I don’t want to. The only thing that keeps me going those last 10 minutes is knowing my competition is also doing it — and they may not be cheating.

I’m also following my diet plan exactly which means I’ve given up my little cheat bites. I’m sure we all have them, but in my case, my “cheat” is a spoonful of peanut butter before bed. Yes, it’s bad, bad, bad.

So now no peanut butter.

My diet is clean and also low in carbs this week. My body feels good and I’m sleeping like a baby. But here’s the one drawback: I have no patience. Absolutely zero.

Yup, take away my carbs and I go into major PMS mode.

I noticed this happened just before my first show, too. I swear, right now small things will push me over the edge — such drivers who like to drive 20 in the 35 mph zone.

At least this time I know the cause and I know it’s temporary. I’ll just have to stay away from people for a while.