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Day before Tahoe Show

I don’t know about other girls, but it’s the day before the Tahoe show and this is what I’m thinking. “I suck. I didn’t work hard enough. And this whole thing is a waste of time.”

Yup…even as I’m driving up the 3 hours to the Tahoe hotel, this is what I’m thinking – because it’s true: “I could have worked harder, stuck to my plan even more and started being “good” even earlier and now it’s too late.”

My only saving grace is that the other competitors are as human as I am and cheated every once and a while too. If they didn’t, then I’m going to look like a fool up there on the stage. One normal girl amongst the bikini goddesses.

Too late for regrets now. I’ve paid my fee, booked my tan and paid for my hotel room. I’ll just have to smile and hope it all turns out okay.

I only hope I don’t come in last.