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First Home Show and Soooo Nervous

It’s been just over 6 months since I started with Team Bombshell and I’m gearing up for my third show.  You would think I would be getting more confident, but this time, I’m more nervous than ever.  That’s because I’ll be competing on home turf at the NPC Sacramento  Championships.

You see, coming in last is one of my fears. So far I have been lucky and have consistently placed 4th in all my classes, but you never know. My competition is out there – and she’s training as hard as I am. Every time I go on stage, I worry I’ll be the loser and all these weeks of preparation will be for nothing. Plus, a lot of these girls have been training longer and look fantastic.

I’m just saying, there’s something to be said about going outside your comfort zone in a place where no one can see you fail.  When I was competing in San Diego and Tahoe, I could trip on stage, I could screw up, I could come in dead last – and no one would know.

This time it’s different.

This time the show is in Sacramento.  The people I work with, hang out with and who see every day will see me on stage.  Which brings me to fear number 2: I’m a little on the shy side.

Yeah, you wouldn’t know that from my bikini photos, but really I’m the quiet type who doesn’t like the being the center of attention. My friends have not seen my NPC side.  Sure, they know that I’m competitive, but have they seen me in a sparkly bikini and show shoes? Nope.

So there you have it. Nervous. Nervous. Nervous.