Get Fit


We've all done it. We've promised ourselves that we'd get in shape for that special event, but somehow we never get to the gym until it's too late -- and then there's only a few weeks left.

So….I've come up with what I call the GET FIT STARTUP.  While a lot of my clients have been brides or bridesmaids who wanted to look great in their wedding dress and on their honeymoon, this workout is perfect for anyone who has a special event or a vacation coming up and needs to shape up quickly.  

GET FIT STARTUP is intense. Very intense. It's 4 weeks of challenging cardio and a strict meal plan to help you get in shape fast.  The exercises focus on sculpting your shoulders and arms, tightening your glutes and legs, and toning your tummy.  

Will you get the same results as my 90 Day Shape-Up Program? Not quite as it's only a third the time and there is only so much your body can change, but you WILL see results in the  4 weeks if you follow the plan.  


Because my GET FIT STARTUP is an accelerated and intense program, I spend more time with you and on your plans to make sure you are getting the support need and the results you want.  This is why I only take a maximum of 4 STARTUP clients at a time.  

Please email me to see if I have availability.

The GET FIT STARTUP  includes:

  • 4 Weekly personalized meal plans (a new one each week)
  • 4 Weekly personalized workout plans (a new one each week)
  • Weekly email support and check-ins 
  • 4 SKYPE or FaceTime calls (one every weeks to touch base)
  • Unlimited communication with Michelle via text or email
  • A special workout plan the final week 



(currently booked until Sept, 2016)